Discussion Group 1 will place their notes here.

Question 1: What are some of the road blocks to professional development?
There are a few roadblocks. Lack of time; a need for differentiated PD; lack of on-site technology.

Question 2: What PD strategy worked best for you last year?
Small-group hands-on activity.

Question 3: How do we "do" PD without anyone thinking it's Professional Development?

Question 4: How do you target the challenging populations?
- one to one
- honor and respect veteran's authority
- create a community of caring within the school
- sharing! allowing teachers to be authority figures
- What if we asked teachers to stand up and talk about what other teachers are doing.
- Bucket buddies- students are writing nice things about others, why can't teachers do the same thing.
- help build confidence in teachers.
- Help teachers confidence by building community of sharing.
- "link love" or RT teacher success
- providing comments and feedback
- It's about personal connections and relationships

Please share any of your favorite resources.