Discussion Group 5 will place their notes here.

Question 1: What are some of the road blocks to professional development?

Question 2: What PD strategy worked best for you last year?
Group Activity – What are some best practices for PD?
  • Without buy in from faculty and/or expectations set by administration, difficult to get people to come
  • Need some intrinsic motivation on the part of the teachers
  • Importance of developing an atmosphere of collaboration
    • Where teachers share with each other and learn from each other
    • PD person practice “name-dropping”
      • Point someone with a question to another colleague who is doing something related
      • Learn from each other and see examples in action
      • Followed up by PD person with an open door for further help
  • Showcase what others are doing
    • Focus on early adopters first
    • Spread it from there
  • Provide specific, regular collaborative time when departments/grade levels can meet together
    • Use that time to do short PD sessions
    • Use this to intro and then provide more follow-up later
    • Kind of a captive audience for the intro portion
  • Culture of the school in regards to how teachers value their own professional learning

Question 3: How do we "do" PD without anyone thinking it's Professional Development?

Question 4: How do you target the challenging populations?
The New Teacher
  • Help people develop their own PLNs so that they don’t have a feeling of isolation
  • Pair people with a mentor
    • Expectation that you will have at least one collaborative goal that you work on together
  • Administrator or PD person follow-up with teachers as a check in process regularly
    • What are you doing?
    • What are you going to do next?
    • How can I help you?

The Veteran Teacher
  • Assign as faculty leader with a leadership responsibility
    • Go into other classrooms
    • Share your best practices
  • Mentor/Mentee a collaborative situation
    • Each one teach one
      • Mentor teaches mentee but mentee also expected to teach mentor something

Young Teachers:
  • Mentoring program for young teachers.
  • Got to be a way to prevent mentors where on-the-way-out teachers loose touch of upcoming teachers
  • Must build in time. Must make the dialog easy when they need it.
  • Difficult when these interactions are forced beyond contract times, especially w/ extra activities
  • Schedule on the same prep period

Teachers Near the End:
  • Must show how it makes their lives easier
  • Sit down, help setup.
  • Things such as scheduling tests, syncing calendar, assessment. Anything that must show significant value add to their lives

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