Discussion Group 8 will place their notes here. (These notes we originally take on paper and later transferred here)

Question 1: What are some of the road blocks to professional development?

Question 2: What PD strategy worked best for you last year?
Asking what people want to learn
One-on-One coaching and mentoring
Finding the one tool that clicks - entry level
Specific achievable Goals
Giving homework for follow up
Getting buy in --> voluntary PD
Getting buy in --> Activating the personal interest of the teacher
Baby steps
things you can use in the building
andragogy vs pedagogy
Personalize the learning
take it away from the tools - what do want to accomplish with students - 1st
Big Ideas --> specific practice, Don't go the "goal" too quickly

Question 3: How do we "do" PD without anyone thinking it's Professional Development?

Question 4: How do you target the challenging populations?
How do we engage our most resistant and vulnerable learners?
Acknowledge the fact that we have had the tendency to be driven by fads.
It is about relationships!
Respect the Learner!
public vs private recognition
acknowledge the cynicism
have teachers talk about what someone else is foin well
value our veteran teachers
public recognition for the good stuff
parking place - pass it on
Bucket Buddies for teachers

Please share any of your favorite resources.