Discussion Group 2 will place their notes here. (these notes were taken on paper and then added to the wiki later)

Question 1: What are some of the road blocks to professional development?
No Buy in.

Question 2: What PD strategy worked best for you last year?
After school sessions
online - with moodle
Hear from Colleagues - steal ideas
Drop names of people who are doing things (even though it takes time)
1 to 1 to 1
Tech leaders - train them and have other teachers go to them
focus on early adopters - 2nd yr video game show
Schedule time for each dept to meet every week for 45 mins - run workshops at that time.

Question 3: How do we "do" PD without anyone thinking it's Professional Development?

Question 4: How do you target the challenging populations?
At risk Young teachers and older teachers
Early career - address feeling of isolation
use social networks
connect with each other

make mentors & mentees (pair old with new)
Check in with new teacher everyday
connect with teachers who have been at school for 4-5 years
bring to educon
create buy in

create a collaborative project with new teacher and mentor

Veteran teachers:
each one teach one
faculty leaders

Please share any of your favorite resources.